Fungifolk (fun-ja-folk)


Fungifolk are a species of sapient humanoid mushrooms native to the land of Eden. They were created by Reekian scientists using the technology of Genetic Elevation and Manipulation, and are amongst the most widespread species in the world. Because they are technically “halfling-made,” fungifolk are not expelled from Eden at the start of each new iteration of reality and are therefore allowed to stay in this purgatorial paradise with the people who created them.


Fungifolk have several preternatural abilities, most notably the capacity for individuals born from the same fungus to communicate across great distances—all thanks to the hive mind they share. This makes them particularly valued as messengers, spies, and government advisors—to those who can tolerate the distinctive odor of these beings, of course.


Fungifolk are also notable for their preference to form lifebonds with other species—and only rarely to couple with one of their own kind. Because all other fungifolk are either siblings or members of rival clans, fungifolk typically seek out non-mushrooms when they have a craving for romance—or for something a little more naughty. And yet, even if they do seek out a partner for one evening of debauchery, fungifolk are likely to fall in love anyway. They are genetically coded, it seems, to bond for life.

Scientific Name
Agaricus Sapiens
37–42 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
2' 11–3' 4"
Average Weight
22–30 lbs
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Bestiary February 2023
Generic article | Feb 25, 2023

During the month of February 2023, yours truly will be leading y’all on an investigation of the fauna in that there Land of Eden I’m always going on about.


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Jul 23, 2023 04:55 by Emily Armstrong

Imagine my surprise when I'm doing research for my fungus people and right on the front page of the Google results is E. Christopher Clark's Fungifolk! Looove these lil guys, I don't know how I missed them during February but so glad to find them now <3 I love their lil poses xD

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Jul 23, 2023 14:38 by E. Christopher Clark

Oh thank you! Yeah, I had fun with them back then and I think they might even make a cameo in one of my Diamond prompt responses.   Looking forward to your mushroom people!

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