Chronetic Neural Crossover | E. Christopher Clark

Chronetic Neural Crossover

Chronetic Neural Crossover (CNC) is a condition resulting from an encounter between a sapient being and a version of themself from earlier or later in the timeline. This affliction, which is gonna make you sweat, will fill your head with things that make you go hmm.


It is important to note that not all encounters between temporally distinct copies of an individual end up resulting in CNC. Though the intrusive thoughts that are the hallmark of the condition are often unwanted, the condition only ever results from a negotiation between the two selves—a near-instantaenous negotiation, and a subconscious one, but a negotiation nevertheless.


That is: the future self never inflicts their foreknowledge upon the earlier self without the earlier self’s consent.


Following the inciting encounter, the earlier self is “gifted” with limited telepathic and precognitive abilities. Given the laws of time travel in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe—which are, generally speaking, “whatever happened happened”—the earlier self is now aware in advance of everything that is about to about happen to them. They are also able to, depending on their level of intuition, anticipate/read the thoughts of the people they encounter.


Meanwhile, the future self is able to communicate with the past self and act as a mentor of sorts—though they are only able to do this in the exact moment of the encounter between past and future selves, which potentially leaves a lot of years to offer advice on all at once.


The condition is immediately and irrevocably “cured” upon the earlier self reaching the point in the timeline when the inciting event occurred.



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