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Bonnie MacAdam

Bonnie MacAdam was Queen Consort of The Highlands during Eden’s Second Age. A fierce warrior, she led the troops of The Highlands Horde into battle well into her 80s. And yet, she could play the role of diplomat when she had to. The marriage between her daughter Bridget and the Fatherlandian prince Wilhelm was proof that.


A legend amongst Highlanders for her continued defense of their land against the encroachments of the more technologically advanced Reek, Bonnie was also beloved by the shapeshifting Kíndallans for her love of one of their own—a warlord that the Highlanders called The Beast. Despite having been brought up in a valley full of xenophobic humans and elves, she had somehow come to love the man, and that meant more to the Kíndalla than they could say.


Appearance & Personality

Bonnie MacAdam was an athletic brunette with fierce golden-brown eyes who carried herself, until her dying day, like the warrior she’d been brought up to be. On the day she met her future husband, the sickly prince, she strode into the throne room with bloody bracers, muddy boots, and a quiver of arrows slung over her shoulder. She wore a faded blue dress, with a worn leather corset strapped over it, and though she did curtsy, her greeting was all kinds of improper.


“I’m ready when you are,” she said that day, and she didn’t get any fancier after that.


Bonnie MacAdam


Towards Hamish II

Hamish II


Towards Bonnie MacAdam

115 202
Hamish II (spouse)
5' 5"
124 lbs


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