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Bethiah Hascall

Bethiah Hascall was an eighteenth-century pirate, most famously as co-captain of The Antagonist. Thought to have gone down with the ship near Bermuda in 1742, she in fact sails the Intertemporal Waters of The River Without End to this day.


The child of Welsh immigrants, Bethiah was held hostage on The Walrus in her youth. It was there that rebellious Bethiah, an unenthusiastic Quaker, fell for the dashing quartermaster—a scoundrel nicknamed Long John, whose name was actually Silas Silver IV, and whom Bethiah soon married.


Though they tried their hand at a honest life back home on Cape Cod, they eventually returned to piracy. After five years of pregnancies with only one child to show for it, Bethiah’s thirst for adventure and desire to escape was at its peak. This led, eventually, to the couple’s theft of the naval cutter they would re-christen The Antagonist.


After several years of successful looting and pillaging, the ship was swept away from Earth—but not before poor Silas was lost overboard and taken from his grieving wife. Ever since, she has plotted to find her way out of the Intertemporal Waters and back to him—wherever and whenever he may be.


Silas Silver IV


Towards Bethiah Hascall


Bethiah Hascall


Towards Silas Silver IV


1709 1742
Silas Silver IV (Husband)
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