Arachnikid | E. Christopher Clark


Alenia Valeth, better known as Arachnikid, was a Nunyan superhero during the Third Age of Eden. She was granted powers by the elder god Thed’ghrao and fought on the side of Iron Stache in the Nunyan Civil War.


The daughter of devoted members of The Ginger Cut, she was more dedicated to the cause of Nunyan unification than any other member of Stache’s side at the Battle of Kirbyville. And yet, once she got a little older and realized the evils being perpetrated by the relgion she’d been born into, there was no fiercer defender of the free peoples of Nunya than the Arachnikid.


Supernatural Abilities

Valeth’s superpowers included the usual spider-related abilities (wall-crawling, enhanced strength, ridiculous agility, and a preternatural sense of impending danger), plus the ability to stun anyone she touched with her bare skin. For a time, she considered developing some kind of web-creation technology to aid her in her adventuring. But after she was plagued by recurring nightmares of chimpanzees in three-piece suits chasing after her with lawsuits clutched in their fists, she decided to forgo the webs in favor of a pair of wrist-mounted grappling hooks.

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