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Drake's Dozen

Revolution is coming

Industrial, magical, political; the dual-moon planet of Neyush is on the precipice of change.

People of many different species, reeling from the effects of the Great War almost two centuries ago, are accelerating into a new age, fueled by innovative discoveries and forgotten secrets. The event that ended the war and decimated an entire people is referred to as The Blink.

No-one knows how or why it happened, though many have theories.

Little fish, big pond

The Blink also brought change to the Dozen.

Empty metaphysical Spheres of existence, or the homes of unknowable, ancient gods? Opportunities for life-enhancing magitech, or eldritch traps waiting to ensnare the curious? Aspects of reality as normal as time and gravity, or complex creations of the Drake herself?

Whatever the Dozen truly are, something is different now. Something changed with the Blink. Something is coming to Neyush.

Are the secrets behind the Dozen the key to saving it, or the catalyst for its doom?

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Purple Oasis

Exactly as the name suggests, the Purple Oasis is a dense clump of strikingly blue and purple trees in the Frozen Desert in Monyus.

Magical Mystery Trees

Where normal oases grow around sources of natural water, the Purple Oasis is in the middle of a featureless expanse of cold, dry sand. The unique flora here has sprouted from a font of magic. No-one knows what caused it, and explorers can't even agree whether the fertile copse draws from the Push, the Beast, or the Storm.

Alien Flora

The leaves glow with a purple shimmer, and bright blue lizards dart around the surrounding sand. It's said that, if you get close enough, you can hear a dull throbbing beat like a heart.

Some say the magic of the oasis charms people so they wander in and never leave. Others say a fearsome beast ensares those who get too close. Others say a friendly Monoduga somehow lives there and offers spiritual guidance to those they deem worthy.

To get to the oasis, you have to wander across miles of cold desert, and the followers of Nachi who often make the pligrimage often do so without packing extra supplies, so their accounts might be taken with a pinch of salt.


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Nov 13, 2022 02:04 by Starfarer Theta

A sure improvement over the land of freezing dryness around it, and I may be able to find something to refill my water skin! For now, I'll just rest under this tree of shimmering purple while I survey this place. This will be a first for me. - Nemo, World Traveler

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