Characters in Computer Adventures
Meet the brothers Bit, Byte, and Bug. They will each guide you through the marvels of computers with each their specific subject.


Bit is the youngest of the three brothers. He loves to explore the hardware of computers and learning how they actually work. If you fancy some extra knowledge on how computers work and how we got to the current age of computers, Bit is your perfect guide.

Aside from teaching you how the hardware works, he also loves to dive through the history of computers and specific pieces of hardware. Computers might be relatively young, with the first computer appearing in the mid 40s, but the progress we have made since is enormous and Bit knows much about it.

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Byte is the oldest brother. He already knows enough about hardware since he taught Bit, so instead he likes to focus on the software side. There is something about it that makes Byte explore how software works. So, if you want to learn more about software principles and development, Byte will gladly show you.

There is one subject that Bit and Byte share, and that is their love for history. For Byte, there is something magical about the advancement of software and how much more complex is has grown. So many programming languages and programs have been created over time, some survived and are still in use today, and some have been forgotten.

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Bug is the middle brother and the biggest prankster of the bunch. He is especially fond of "helping" his older brother Byte with making and understanding software by being a royal nightmare. Nothing beats interrupting his brother, or preventing software from doing what it is supposed to do.

That said, Bug never has any ill intend towards his brothers and other people. Many times, he wants to make sure that the computer doesn't break because the software tries to do something illegal. Sometimes, programmers overlook their mistakes, or don't even know they made one, and that's when Bug comes along to save the day.

But here, in Computer Adventures, Bug has one more hobby: mocking the writer of this world for her mistakes she makes in her projects. So, if you want to laugh along and learn a thing or two, Bug will happily show you the way.

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