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Jaime Buckley

Jaime Buckley is a storyteller, cartoonist, and family man. Though he's illustrated for famous and not-so-famous clients since 1986, his passion comes out in the stories of the accidental hero, Wendell P. Dipmier. This fictional world of 'WantedHero' has reached fans in more than 100 countries through comic books, fantasy novels, games, music, podcasts and more, since 2005.   Jaime's near-obsession for fast-paced, unhindered worldbuilding soon compelled him to forge popular writing and creation tools. His unique 'trigger questions' propelled his Advanced Worldbuilding series into the hands of fellow indie authors...even though they were created for his own children, to develop their skills as writers.
  In July 2023, he launched Life of Fiction, rebooting 30 years of publication. Writing unapologetically, Jaime is shaping the stories of Wendel, from the hero's point of view. He shares the whole process, each week through video, articles, artwork, and exclusive chapter-by-chapter releases of his books. This love for people, fueled by the deep conviction in the intrinsic value of a soul, makes Jaime one of the most genuine people you're likely to meet online.   No Stress Writing Academy is delighted to provide the perfect environment to share Jaime's unconventional wisdom, experience, and that 102.4% non-traditional perspective which often provides students with an 'unfair advantage' in their creation process.  

"You are MORE than you THINK you are!"

Jaime Buckley

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