The Shivers

WTF does normothermia mean?
— A distressed next of kin
  The shivers is a condition that only affects Weres. It is a feared condition among them as very little is known about it and with their strong immunosystem, the weres aren't used to fearing diseases.   Around 50% of those who contract the condition will die from it. Many also die from a compromised immune system and regeneration abilities even after having survived the condition.'re shivering.
— A friend to another


The origin of the condition is unknown, but the first person to contract it traveled a lot in the outside world. It is believed that he acquired it there, which is why most weres live in Haven compared to people with other supernatural conditions.  


It is believed to be spread through respiratory droplets which only affect those with Were blood. Even humans not affected by any of the supernatural conditions like Were and Unliving can be carriers of the condition and spread it even thought they will not contract the condition.
People with the Were condition
Can you fetch another blanket?
— A healer to an assisstant


Symptoms will start showing about 5-10 days after the person has gotten infected.   At first the affected person will start to feel very cold and they will also start to sweat a lot. After a couple of days, this will start to affect their muscles, it will become hard to move. They will be shivering uncontrollably. After staying on bed rest for a couple of weeks the patients will either die when their body loses the ability to thermoregulate properly or they will survive.


There are no specific treatments for this condition. The patients are treated the way that their healer see fit. But it's usually only symptomatic treatments; Like special salves and keeping them warm.  


The immune system and regeneration abilities of the survivors will be compromised.
I' cold...
— A patient


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