The Crimson Claw

It's necessary.
— A member
The Crimson Claw is one of the oldest organizations in Haven. It's a secret group employed by the The Court. The members of the group hide within the professions of the Mages whose job it is to kill Demons, and the Wardens whose job it is to prevent criminal activity and uphold the laws.   The main purpose of The Crimson Claw is to terminate humans possessed by demons.  
Their sacrifice is for the safety of everyone else.
— A member talking about the people they have been called to assassinate


A demon who possesses a human will consume their consciousness and pretend to be that human. Some demons will be able to pretend to be the human that they have possessed pretty convincingly. From that human, they will then be able to consume the flames of the people around the human that they have possessed. This will kill their human host and the people around the host. When the demon has consumed everything it will possess another person, being stronger this time.   The only way to remove a demon from it's host is to seal the demon to the body and then kill the host, sending the demon back to the Astral Layer. At first, Breck did this himself, until he realized that the demons spread too quickly. He gathered people he trusted and created the Crimson Claw who as a group was subservient to The Court, which at the time Breck was the leader of. When Breck changed the way that The Court operated he also changed the structure of the Crimson Claw.
Founding date
Over 4000 years ago
Current leader
Training level
Member amount
Around 100
Well...they are already dead. They were killed by the demon that possessed them.
— A member

The Crimson Claw insignia


When the leader abdicates for whatever reason, The Court chooses a new leader from among the members of the Crimson Claw.   The Leader takes direction from The Court and heads the administration of 15 secretaries. These secretaries hand out work orders to the members and do other managerial duties. The leader's Right and Left Hand, are directly below him and they are responsible for hiring and educating new members.   All other members have the same status and they usually do not know each other. They have only met the secretary who assigns their work and either the Right Hand or the Left Hand of the leader.   All members have the sigil of The Crimson Claw on the other side of their Guild insignias.


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