A Slice of Life

How Far Can Pie Take A Man?

The car turned over with a groan, spitting at the thought of starting up once again. Harry slammed his palm against the dash, cursing as he glanced over his shoulder at the approaching fog. It curled long tendrils of mist around rooftops and crept silently through any available crack. Harry felt something sneak into his throat- a scream? A cry for help? It was quickly snuffed out by the shock of his neighbor bursting from her front door clutching a suitcase. Trying the car once more, it sputtered to life begrudgingly and what he hoped was relief shivered down his spine.  
“-of safety! Repeat: This is not a drill. We are currently under attack. Do not approach the mist or ooze. Please seek shelter within the city of Beckettville! Beckettville will provide a haven, a place of safety!” A police car rolled through the splintering neighborhood, their warnings echoing off the pavement and breaking the daze Harry had found himself in.
“Get in the car, now!” Harry’s gaze shifted from the approaching mist to his neighbor, a bead of sweat resting on his brow. As soon as she had both feet in the vehicle they were backing out of the driveway, the door swinging wildly for a moment before slamming closed.
“I don’t know how to thank you. George just left me there! He said I was taking too long and I didn’t think I’d be able to out-“
“Cover your eyes.” Harry abruptly grasped his neighbor’s hands and yanked them up towards her face, his voice frantic but gruff.
“What? I’m not-“
“Gina, cover your fucking eyes. Please.” Silently, she placed her hands over her eyes and turned her face away from the windows, a muffled sob escaping her lips. Harry angled his head away but was unable to completely avert his eyes before the mist consumed a nearby home. The front door exploded from its hinges but what charged forth from the frame was hardly human. A bubbling, shrieking mass of pulsating, black ichor stumbled as it landed among the grass, clambering towards the moving vehicle. The muck rolled over itself, forming limbs and squealing faces that lurched forward in a distorted cry for help.
Harry simply sped towards the highway.

This is a preview of "Surviving Beckettville: Tales from the City." If you would like to read more, make sure you're following the world of Beckettville for updates.
"Surviving Beckettville: Tales from the City" is a collection of short stories detailing key moments in the history of Beckettville through the eyes of its citizens.


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