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Ravenspire Resurgence

In light of the kidnappings over the past six months and the increasing lack of success of the Raven Guard, the city authorities were forced to call a public speech to keep the city calm and avoid indiscriminate vigilante justice, which in this case would probably have been directed at any stranger.

"Ravenspire Resurgence" was the title of an article in the Ravenspire Gazette that made the front page the day after the speech.

The speaker—a wise choice

The council chose the staid and experienced Sir Bartholomew Greybrook to communicate, rather than the young Lord Alexander Nightshade who had previously supplanted him. According to the article, the younger noble wasn't particularly happy about it, even telling reporters that this was "not the time for old warhorses". An attitude that should make him even more unsympathetic to large parts of the population than he already is.

Sir Bartholomew behaved calmly and prudently, as he had during his time as mayor when he led the city through the food shortage and enforced a restriction on the food supply for the upper class and the aristocracy. The article once again points out that the city's upper class subsequently deposed Sir Bartholomew, but in this crisis, it seems they need his experience.

An appeal to reason

Sir Bartholomew entered the lectern on the evening of Veilwane 25th, 1189 SA. His demeanor appeared composed, even if you could tell from the deep shadows under his eyes that the situation was draining him. In his usual calm manner, he summarized the current situation. This is how it became known for the first time that 18 young women, who come from all social classes up to the upper class, have disappeared. Information that the families received no ransom notes was also shared here for the first time - much to Lord Nightshade's apparent displeasure.

That announcement alone demolished some of the popular theories that a traveling trader was responsible for the problems. Sir Bartholomew stressed once again that no reliable information was available so far, but that it was very unlikely that someone from the outside was responsible for the kidnappings. This is especially true as most of the young women have been abducted from their homes, from their own bedrooms and childhood homes.

He reaffirmed the cohesion of the city and said that the Raven Guards paid special attention to cultic activities. Accordingly, he urged the citizens to respond to indications of such rites, such as chants or incantations in deserted corners of the city, and to report the occurrences to the Raven Guard immediately.

Sir Bartholomew concluded his speech by saying that the prayers of the whole town are with the girls and every effort will be made to bring them home.

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