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Silas, city of

"Welcome, can I take you on a tour of our beautiful capital?"   "How much will this cost us?"   "Only a credit, we are not thieves,, this city is to beautiful, I would talk about it for free!"   "I can afford ten credits, if you spare me the 9 credits worth of sponsored tourist content..."   "Oh, such a seasoned traveler. All right, here, please pay attention, you're just leaving the most interesting spot in all of Silar, the Electoral Palace of Silas-Saer, commissioned years ago as a beacon of prestige and civility. I could talk about it for hours, but you just saw it up close."   "And I'm here, and I inherited the palace, and I'm all out of civillity."   "Sis!"   "Ok, I have some civility left, but you gotta be nice, like my brother!"   "I''m sure he's the epitome of civility, we know all about him, and his girlfriend!"   "What?"   "Your girlfriend, the bodyguard of the Kagomine Empress? She's been on broadcast here!"   "We really ought to have better blackouts then!"   "Oh, they're not sanctioned?"   "I don't think I've done sanctioned broadcasts since I was about 8..."   "Bro! You talked to the media in a foreign land? You're lucky mom's dead, she'd spank you!"   "Sis!"   "Ok, ok, please, friendly guide, show us the city that isn't the palace."   "Oh, sure, we walk down Mozzverdi avenue, heading to the docks, where the flowers of the Sarn shipbuilding industry are mothballed, with insufficient funds for their upkeep, except for the famous King Karel. Named after King Karel, MST-8 King Karel II, King of Sarn is the third oldest tallship still maintained by its owning nation, after the EMS Ambulon and the BVV Phoenix."   "Every year, a tug carries the poor thing around to show it can still sail, but it's a sham, the ropes and pullies are all rotten."   "How hard would it be to bring it back up to spec?"   "No one knows, milady, certainly it would take some specialized knowledge."   "Amarat, didn't you tell me you know people who work at brescian shipyards?"   "Kinda." He didn't want to say to Luci that he knew quite a few of them, and that through their companies, he and her employed... almost all of them.   "Any of them working on your sailboat, Flora Rolli II yet?"   He stuck his tongue out at her. "I'm not calling my ship after Flora, when a ship gets wet, it's un-natural."   "You are in such trouble, Amarat Jr Veneer, you just wait!"


75% Sarn, 5% Ralt, 5% Luxem, 1% each of Kagomine, Moniqan, Alessian, Brescian, Brunswicki, Lollandese, Sardé, Olmequian, Aegypsom, Loro, 5% other.


A city council composed of a representative from each of the city's 8 districts meets to address matters of common interest.

Every so often, the city petitions the palace for specific redress to local issues.


The port has a pair of immense chains to allow it to be locked in case of invasion, either upriver or downriver.

Industry & Trade

Wheat, Pork, Cabbage, Sardines, Haddock and Rutabaga form the main agricultural industry. Tin, Nickel, Steel are common metals smelted from ores in the nearby region. Smoked cheese is a protected denomination of origin for the Saer plateau, and only legally available there.


A settlement on the middle of a largish river flowing down from mountains, the surrounding fields are rather plentiful, and while they only have one crop per year, they also are very stable, seldom interrupted by flood, windstorm, ice storm or anything else. Similarly, Silas has a steady climate, with lots of ice and snow, but seldom any earthquakes or bad storms. It's too cold to be properly temperate however, and is classed Maritime, Cold, by local meteorologists.


Like most cities in Arnd, Silas has eight districts, one for each sensual element fit to mention in polite conversation. The two elements not fit are represented, as usual, in the palace itself, which is split in two, in the symbolic sense, having a north and a south half.

Guilds and Factions

The Agricultural Guild is the oldest, and wants to block any attempt at change of the status quo.


Many visit for the post-Lervailles architecture given its final form.


The Palace is a high point of post-Lervailles architecture, much studied by architecture students.


A river valley, its geography is very typical.
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Silasian, Saeri
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