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Electoral Palace of Silas-Saer

"Welcome, guests to Silas-Saer, the Palace of the Electoral Princess or Prince of Saer-Natthingham, who may I announce?"   "Am I unknown in my own land, Turrock, that the mistress of the house comes and none recognize her?"   "It is tradition, to ask proof, Milady, tell me something only you would know."   "If I tell you something only I would know, I will no longer be the only one who knows, Turrock, you need to work on your logic. Won't my passport help?"   "These are things..."   "You are Turrock, you were named mayor of the palace by my uncle, peace onto his soul, Amarat Veneer, Senior."   "That is well known."   "Few know it was the last thing he did outside of Kagomei, while living."   "Ulp!" Turrock turned green. "I had forgotten about that almost, and not for lack of trying Milady... Nor were the investigators of the lifeguard absent from my nightmares for a long time..."   "They needed to know, I needed to know, and my brother, and cousin, and his wife..."   "She, she is well?"   "Turrock, she is not here, you don't need to pretend to like her..."   "I may not like her, but I do respect her... and she... she has done very well, done much, even in our well-insulated land we've heard of her work at Lai Dang..."   "You know nothing, if you think to talk to me of Lai Dang!"   "I'm, I'm sorry?"   "My brother joined me, and we signed the treaties with her! Speak not of Lai Dang to me, for it only rings hollow, of ignorance!"   "Easy, Luci, Vice-Undersecretaries do all the work, and get none of the credit, remember? But they also can take more vacations..." Her brother, Linnaeus Van Pelt interjected.   "Sorry, I... just..."   "Are we cleared to visit, now, Mayor Turrock? I was there at Lai Dang as well, with mother, and grow not younger as time waits on no one." Amarat Jr Veneer Bameimeito of Kagomei, Meritant of Honour, Feyd Veneer, Lanungmei of KimagurĂ© Baron of Sporray, Baron of Konigsee, Count of Stillbergen, Namolec prime of Sottolanga, Loroni-warbaron of Utta-Utta, Prince of Ferrare, High Prince of Benevento spoke.   "Yes, please, but can I have your names and titles, for the visitors' book, or at least, the most important ones?"   "Lusitania Van Pelt, Lanungmei of Trusimon, Countess of Alaszt-Lorren, Baroness of Ryalfi, Baroness of Relogna, Electoral Princess of Saer-Natthingham."   "I am Amarat Dunkehl Junior, Bameimeito of Kagomei." It felt odd to name himself thus, and it must have been odder, to name himself thus to someone who had been one of his father's cronies. The abruptness he let show was lost on no one here. He also almost added 'meritant of honour' until he remembered the law only applied within Kagomei, or when he had his military uniform on.   "Your father's very image. If red-haired to his brown."   "Linnaeus Van Pelt, Ryder Kannagael Baron of Welf."   "Lunqui Zvei, with no titles to share."   "ShibuĂ© Dandelion, ."   "Flora Dandelion, Na-Bameimeita of Kagomei, Na-Domei of Megamisama, Meritant of Honour." Flora also didn't have to mention the merit, but did so out of habit.   "Please come with me, mind the stairs, there's 123 steps, all carved out of a single block of stone, quite extravagant, but also punishing to the unwary."   "These are very fine, the realistic school?"   "Titilvi, David Michievelli, Sonatra Beregondi and Rasmina Verneer are all represented. The Titlvi originals are among the best preserved in Arnd. Ah, please be known to Curator Ladislav Kronor, who leads the museum curation and security departments."   "Honoured to make your acquaintance."   "Who's this Turrock?"   "The new princess-electress. Lusitania Van Pelt. And friends."   "We've met?"   "Yes, we have, Curator, you were Brigadier-General at the time, though."   "Your memory is exquisite, I am so happy to see you again, young Namei, isn't that the word?"   "You can translate the word, I am the princess-electoress's cousin, after all..."   "Prince? Is that all?"   "Yes, although, in my own lands, I am Crown-Prince now."   "Heir to Meihomei, herself?"   "That's what I get for being the son of her favorite sister, it seems."  

"And she only has one sister..."


"Then therefore she can only have one son of her favourite sister, such an exlusive privilege."

Purpose / Function

A sumptuous residence within the capital city of Silas from which the Electoral Prince could exert influence and prestige.


Built around an octogonal core, with four long wings, and four shorter ones, the two front ones joined in a portico, as is common of the period's architecture. The palace occupies an impressive amount of the central core of Silas.

The gardens, laid around paths leaving from each of the wings, lead to monumental fountains in the Alessian style, imitating the Great Alessian Royal Palace of Lervailles.

Secondary buildings, seven of them, dot the gardens, two for horses and the garden's maintenance, one a library, museum and art gallery, also used for the Council of Princi's deliberations one a guards barracks, one housing the province's treasury, one an open air chapel in the Olmeqian style and one housing the prince's boating equipment and leading to the dock, where the prince's boat is anchored.


Wrought-iron fences surround the property, but the main defense is the hundred guards on perpetual duty, armed with what can only be surmised is weaponry and tactics at the level of Sarn Special Forces, whose record speaks for itself: when SarnSpecFor has deployed, the mission has been accomplished. However, there is a caveat. SarnSpecFor's competence at accomplishing missions does not mean they cannot be tasked at doing things their masters wish they hadn't...

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