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Elven communication device

A magical, spherical construct composed of a mounted disc surrounded by several rings and bands, along several axes, showing locations on Arn, and the positions of important objects on the celestial sphere. The Elves and, later, the Aqaans used them to communicate across great distances.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Users would adjust the bands and rings of the armillárus to identify a target location they wanted to reach. Once the parts were properly configured, users could speak a command word to set the globe spinning and establish contact. The rings and bands would spin quickly until the sphere appeared solid. If there was another armillárus at the destination then the two would connect and the surfaces of the connected spheres would fade to display the connected location. To the users, it would almost seem as if they were speaking through a hole in the intervening space, framed by a corona of roiling energy.
Plural, armillári.
Item type
Extremely rare.
10-12" diameter (globe), 15-24" height (including a base and/or stand)
It is rumored there may have been taller, larger—and smaller—armillári.


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