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What's an endangered species in our world. Why is it in this position?
~ Aubry Bibbens , Terris Burg Tribune
" A fine question indeed, Aubry... and I'm sure you're already going to know my answer... that would be Terry, our Displaced Tarrasque.     "No one knows how he got here, we just know he's been here since the first resident arrived."   "Before Erin's Wish, Terry would vicously rampage for weeks, but lay dormant for years. Knowing your enemy was top priority and Terry was the biggest."   "Terry, thought, is not the brightest... so Team F.E.E.T could handle the more dangerous encounters... simply by leading them into his path... and he pretty much took care of the rest."   "We took care of a Litch, a few wrathes... and an Sphere of Annihilation this way."   "Don't get me wrong, Life before the wish was much... much harder. Terry was the least of our concerns back before the walls were rasied."   "As a scientist... I find myself in a unique place. Time has effectivly frose here... or just running in spurts..."   "The forest that grew around Ard'Vanwa became his foodsource, and there is enough to keep even a tarraque sasiated..."   "But, the other side of the coin... is Terry never hybernates."   "It was easy before... we could mark where he's sleeping and keep clear... but now we're settled, and there's only a moat keeping him back... We've yet to see him attempt to swim... I hope the thought never crosses his mind or we're all dead."   "But, speaking of minds... Terry's is simple, and like simple animals succeptiable to suggestion! We've been able to create a tethered Magic Mouth and place it inside his ear cannal while he slept... We've been attempting to teach him basic commands."   "So, Terry the Tarrasque would be the most unique and endangered creature in our realm..."

Basic Information


The current Guild Armor Rating would classify the Tarrasque as (AC -3). IT's skin reflects Magic Missles, immuned to psyonics

Genetics and Reproduction

It's unknown how a Tarrasque reproduces.

Growth Rate & Stages

It's unknown how a Tarrasque grows, as there is only one, and it's remained the same size.

Ecology and Habitats

Terry tends to stay on the west side of the island. He consumes the trees and creatures, items, rocks, and whatever it things will feed it's unending hunger.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Tarrasque will eat everything it can fit in its mouth. It's only animal thought is to consume.

Biological Cycle

Normally, A Tarrasque will hibernate for decades before awakening and rampaging for weeks. After Erin's Wish, Terry now sleeps for a few weeks before foraging for food  and his behavioral patterns have changed slightly.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There are no others around, so we're unaware of their interactions with others of their kind... if there are. One theory si that all of the tarrasques are the same one, and this could be the proof of that theory.


We are currently working on teaching Terry simple commands.   Back Away, Go Home, Stop, and, NO are the ones we are currently trying to teach it.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Terry is quite good at lumber reduction. We've been able to secure raw material for our artisans by simply following Terry's wake of destruction.

Facial characteristics

Terry has two horns pertruding over his brows that he uses to charge and gore. He has lesser horns around his chin.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Terry tends to stay on the west side of the island

Average Intelligence

Animal like

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Immuned to Psyonics, Standard Magic resistances
Scientific Name
Abominus Tarasques
Conservation Status
The Tarrasque is a one of a kind creature. There are legends of multiple Tarrasques, and even a planet full of them... But the one aptly named Terry is the only one on the Island. No one is sure who created the first one.   Speculations ranged from random chance, the wrath of gods, and even a creation from a mad litch.
Average Height
30ft (all fours) 50ft (standing)
Average Weight
26,000,000 @coin
Average Length
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Brown, the color of rusty desert.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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