The Lands of Inferno

Between the Walls of Weltenend lie the Lands of Inferno, a pressure cooker of volcanic and tectonic activity, filled with searing heat, lava streams, noxious gases, and smoke. With almost all of Aqualon's northern hemisphere being extraordinarily tectonically stable, the pressure below the planet's crust has to vent somewhere; This is that place. Very few people have ever tried to venture here, and pretty much none of them ever made it back. The entire region is considered uninhabitable.
— From the Aqualon Grand World Atlas, 2nd Edition


The Lands of Inferno are separated from the rest of Aqualon by the Walls of Weltenend, enormous mountain ranges, to the east and west, by the Iron Belt to the south, and the Snowzone to the north.   From east to west, they are comprised of a rocky wasteland filled with uncountable volcanoes, rivers of soot and lava, and large gorges and crevasses formed by severe tectonic activity.   While the planet's northern hemisphere is remarkably tectonically stable across all of what is known as "the Great Land", all instability that builds up from convection streams below its crust are shunted towards and vented at the Lands of Infrerno. This turns it into an incredibly hot region, dense with noxious gasses, smoke, ash, and soot, utterly uninhabitable, and nearly unsurvivable by all but the most technologically or magically advanced; and even then usually only for limited periods of time.   Towards the southern edges of the region, however, dense, churning glaciers rise above the metal surface of the Iron Belt, stretching out into the southern Transglaciatic Sea, blocking entry from both the Corsic Ocean and the Iron Belt itself. In the high north, the Snowzone is pushed back slightly by the intense heat, but ultimately settles down into a sooty, slushy rim that turns whiter and whiter the farther up north one goes.

Natural Resources

While the intense volcanic activity likely creates and/or unearths many rare minerals and crystals that might be of interest to some, the cost of actually mining them would be so exorbitant that any value gained would be expended a hundred-fold or more.
Alternative Name(s)
The Fields of Flame, the Vents
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