The Albenlied

The Albenlied, or song of the third realm is one of nine songs that start with the same three verses and sung most commonly by the Kaltani to keep the knowledge of the old world alive.
  In olden days before the war
There were nine realms and not one more
Remember well, this story tell
Of golden days of yore
  There was no ball of earth and ísen
Under mannen’s feet
And eons passed us quickly by then
For realms were split by gaping silence.
  A river branching like a tree
Of light and rainbow-colors then
Ran between the shards, you see
war was no easy feat for men
  The third realm was named Albenheim
And wondrous to behold,
For magic as you know it now
Was forged inside their holds
  When passing over Bifröst’s streams,
Oh how their land would sparkle, gleam,
Like precious gems and finest glass,
The likes of which you have not seen
  For what their brothers the Swarten mined
In their realm of Swartalbaheim,
The Albenmannen then refined,
With ever-shining lunar light

Written in

The Book of Saxum


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