Midas Creek

The mercenary city of Midas Creek lies in the Golden Sands, one of the two large deserts of Aqualon. It is named after the midas trees, which grow around its premises and pump up water from below the ground. These trees were discovered by Midas of Willowood during his famed voyage across the Golden Sands. Almost half-way through, his company ran out of water, but Midas, a mage of water, could sense a supply within reach. They traveled as swiftly as they could, and within two days they finally reached a field of midas trees, then still an unknown species. His company drank greedily. Too greedily, for they then succumbed to hyponatremia, and in the end, Midas stood alone among his fallen comrades and the life-giving trees that had brought him naught but death.
— From the Aqualon Grand World Atlas, 2nd Edition
Large city


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