Written by George Sanders

Yelsin is a clothier and cobbler. The third building on the left when you enter Monsilt is his shop. His wares are for the average folk, and he knows everyone's shoe size in the town. He has a lot of knowledge of design using a variety of fabrics and materials. So while everyone stops in to repair a shoe or patch a favorite shirt, he dabbles enough in exotic work that people consider him quite the expert.


He works with Emma, a local seamstress, to make adjustments to cloaks, belts, pants (particularly adding larger pockets, see Fashion from a Fey). He can take measurements and improve the fit of armor for stealth or freedom of movement. His favorite day is pulling together the pieces of leather he has into a full set of armor for a new adventurer.


While he is working on a fitting, he will be explaining the care and use of the gear the entire time. He has a pleasant and welcoming manner. He is fit but by no means has the look of a warrior. He knows the ins and out's of an adventurer's backpack - he would tell you that you have to understand your customer's needs.


During his downtime, he visits the Holme's Tavern with his best friend Haral, the blacksmith. Or he'll head off to the bathhouse for some 1 on 2 time with the twins that operate the Bath House in Montsilt.

Social Butterfly

Perhaps the best way to describe Yelsin is that he is a butterfly, delicately dancing around several long-term partners. He considers himself polyamorous. He has an intimate relationship with Yessica and Calla, the twins at the bathhouse. Yelsin has taken to having tea with Freya at the end of the day in her shop (see Food). In the past, everyone in the town was sure that Emma and Yelsin would move in together. They still have a warm, committed relationship - even with both of them on the town council.

Role Model

Jason is Emma's teenage son. They moved to Montsilt from the South on their own. Yelsin is always available to the young man and got him an apprenticeship with Rolph. Jason loves animals. Rolph manages the town's various herds and domesticated animals (that does not include the Cats of Montsilt).


Yelsin has a jar of candies on the counter in his shop. One of the hard candies is always available for a young visitor (Time). He'll usually get a question or two in to see how their day is going before they run off. He keeps the pulse of the town, and it shows at the council meetings.


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