Transcribing Hand

Written by George Sanders

With the pride of a parent whose child just learned to walk, Headmaster Avast instructs new adjuncts in the use of his Transcribing Hands. Each has a name, each pair of hands. That is, of course, its activation word. Once activated one of the hands selects a quill from a specific location in the room it is located. The other hand of the pair will select a piece of parchment and lay it on its writing desk. An ink well is stationed by each quill box for the hands to use.


The quill boxes and ink wells are checked and refilled each day by one of the Adjuncts of the Avast Library. It is a tedious task and quick to draw the ire of the Headmaster if boxes and inkwells are not in top form. However, this is a prized assignment because it gains an Adjunct access to almost all of the library. The students and magic apprentices are restricted to a small fraction of the library. Even most Adjuncts rarely get access to more than forty percent of the library.


Eddy is one of the magical hands that is tasked with transcribing class notes so students can focus on the information they are learning. The notes are then available after the class for study. Freda is one of the magical hands at the library's service desk. It is tasked with documenting the books requested and borrowed from the library.


Of course, students do their best to test the limits of the hands. They will talk as fast as they can. They will gather 4 or 5 students together and all talk at the same time. They will read something backward. They will try different languages. The hands being powered by a mix of spells, including one to allow comprehension of most languages, keep up with amazing accuracy. You can figure, if an Adjunct is late for leading a class, the students will have the hands writing about bodily functions or other compelling matter.


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