Supplies and Logistics

Attention Miss Supheli Rend,


We have continued shipments of lumber and stone at your request but have not received payment for the following items. We are assured by your staff in Montsilt that payment will be arranged. We have heard that our product will support your shop as well as emergency housing and defenses at Montsilt. We are extremely proud to play our part in processing and delivering these materials.


Your service to the council and the community of Monsilt is greatly appreciated. We have reached out to the Council to secure approval to exceed the maximum limit on our credit line. In the meantime, we are covering some of our accounts with the support of the church. We know you are helping to keep Etonia safe but please maintain your own safety as well so you may return to provide payment of your account.


18 wagons of lumber

  • 400 10x6 planks
  • 160 2x10 rafters
  • Fascia, Soffits, and Covering
  • 21 wagons of stone
  • 1200 wall stones
  • 12 pillars
  • 8 craftsmen for 4 weeks
  • Gear and tools
  • Housing

  • Total Cost: 11,944 Gold Pieces


    We will be sending the next shipment in 4 days. It is our understanding that you will not be available until the middle of next week. That will bring the total balance to 14,220 Gold pieces. We would request that you deliver payment as promptly after your return as possible. We have provided instructions to the caravan driver to bring this letter to your staff's attention and if they are not available to the Mayor immediately when they arrive in Montsilt.


    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely,


    Tenny Umberhold
    Master Craftsman
    Etonia Construction Guild

    Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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