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Spirit Elk

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Written by George Sanders

The ire and fury of a Theranite daughter is a unique burden. Andras had no sisters, but had seen the challenge other families encountered teaching respect of the Wandering Ways without resorting to heavy-handed obedience. The Ways would not show themselves if forced and it was deemed long ago that the youth, as future guides of the clan, must be treated in the same way.


"Father! They are extinct. No one has seen a Spirit Elk for half a century. Why do you make me hunt them?"


"My treasure, I do not make you do anything. This is part of learning our ways so that you may participate in the councils and be a guide to our people. You are not expected to catch one or even see one. You can not force them to appear. I ask for your trust that this practice will return dividends for you in discipline, insight, and commitment."


"That is infuriating Father! There is always one more hunt or one more lesson. I am done."


"Perhaps you are for today, it has been a long morning. Why don't you rest until it is time to eat?"


"Fine. But, that won't change my mind."


As a child Andras' daughter had much the same temper. He sought the advice of the Wondering Ways many times. None appeared for him either, but the quiet respect allowed the space for the understanding of his daughter. A nap and food solved more problems than debate. Any obstinance was less about the task and more about an unmet need. She would go at her own pace, he had learned that lesson well.



Lunch was a quiet affair but as the adjuncts were clearing the table a message was brought to the table. The scout from the Thawe clan had been brought directly to him. He scanned the message. It was a report detailing the findings of an expedition.


Andras' daughter leaned back in her chair. "Ok, Father. I will hunt again."


An eyebrow raised over Andras' left eye. He looked at his daughter, then returned to the letter.


"Father, I will master my anger and represent our clan on the councils."


The timing seemed like a sign. "Vardai, you will begin your next hunt in Etonia. It seems a woodsman spotted a Spirit Elk outside the city. This will be your most important hunt yet."


He handed her the message and continued, "You will need a watchful eye. The Spirit Elk will place signs to guide your path. Be alert for clues to where our people came from and what comes next. Honor our Ancestors, daughter."


Andras stood and turned his attention to the scout. "Your service had been exemplary. I will recommend commendations." He shook the scout's hand. "Please join us for dessert. Soon, the two of you may be known as most important guides of the last one hundred years. What is your name son?"


"Tamas, sir."


"Very good. Tell us about your trip and gathering this information."


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