Written by George Sanders

Cain raced around the field again and again. His tongue lapped up every scent and sensation. The morning was cool. The air was sweet. He had not been out for several days, maybe it had been a week or even a tenday. He had been well taken care of and wasn't being held against his will. He just didn't challenge his place. He owed a debt, really two debts. He pushed that out of his mind as he speed up for one more lap. When he reached the 1/2 way point he leapt forward and instantaneously teleported forward 40 ft. He landed without missing a step and sprinted to the end. Panting he trotted up to the two people in the center of the field.   He knew he was in a mess but he had been in a similar place before. Last time he followed that cat to freedom and as much as he hated to admit it, it looked like that was what he needed to do again. He had told the two people his story, now they were deciding his fate. His previous master would have locked him up or yelled ceaselessly for hours so this trip outside was a welcome change.   That previous mess was when he had been imprisoned by goblins, after his master had sent him to negotiate a deal. It just wasn't becoming of a fellow such as himself. He was a royal guard, not an errand boy, but things were changing. His master was shifting alliances. Cain saw the writing on the wall, he had become expendable. That cat, Gift of Dead Birds and their friends, had gotten him out of the goblin holding cell. His mistake was returning to his old master once he was out. He was ridiculed and sent back to bring Gift to the master. The master was becoming cold and isolating the entire court.   When he caught up with Gift, he expected a fight, and Gift did challenge him, but with their words. Gift had seen right through Cain and the Master's intentions. The cat offered Cain a way out. You don't pass on an opportunity like that twice, even if it is from a cat. Cain followed Gift and their companions to their home. His new master would be Lavani, if she would have him. He remembered the stories of a rebellious spirit that had been exiled to the mortal realm. He hoped this was her and that he would be able to serve a master that would maintain the balance of nature better. He lowered his head and eyes as he approached the people in the field. He put his ears back.   Lavani extended a hand, palm up "Cainneach Ó Glasáin, grandson of Mardin Glasáin, guardian of the Noble House of Gilrain of the Spring Court rise to take your oath to your new House."


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