Written by George Sanders

The crew was in a sour mood. The sun was baking down on them after a damp rainy night. It was one of those times when it was either too cold or too hot, nothing in between. We had been at sea for weeks but were no closer to our destination.   We were on the hunt. Unidentified ships were attacking merchant vessels up and down the Coral Coast and had now been sighted in the Bay of Claws in the passage to Etonia. The bay was a wide but treacherous body of water that only added to the mood. You couldn't sail more than 5 nautical miles before you had to change course to get around one of the rocky spires that poked out of the bay's waters. For the crew that meant non-stop adjustments and work.   "Come on you dogs. You are the best sailors on the coast. Get the slack out of those ropes, hoist the sails, it is time for another turn," called the captain. The ship caught the breeze and surged forward. The spray of salty water covered the deck. It was the best smell.   "This is the Dìondair Malairt" called the first mate as he walked the deck, he stopped to help with tying down a rope, "We are the Defenders of Trade. We've got pirates to catch!" The crew called back "This is the Dìondair Malairt!"   The boatswain lumbered up the stairs to the main deck. "Capt'n repairs complete, I'm gonna need more wood and supplies."   The captain walked over to a table set up with a map. "Mr. Asarlai, how's the weather blowing?" The boatswain closed his eyes and replied "I sense clear skies." Asarlai is covered in tattoos that glimmered slightly in the sun as he spoke. "Well then, I reckon we could make it to Etonia in a day to complete this pass and pick up those supplies." The navigator started making calculations with a nod from the captain.   The captain turned toward the forecastle deck "Valrus!" He waved over the blue skinned leader of the Justice of the Deep marines the ship was carrying. Valrus had been scanning the horizon. He walked slowly to the captain, his shield and trident in his hands, always at the ready for combat. "Yes, captain. What is needed?" The captain replied "We are heading for Etonia. Would you accompany Mr Asralai to the Building Guild?" Valrus nodded. The captain continued. "This may be a good time for the marines to stretch their legs. While I request an audience with the Etonia Council, have Second Commander Maron put on a show so the city knows the Dìondair Malairt has arrived." Valrus nodded and turned to find Maron.   I flapped my wings and landed on the captain's shoulder. I reached out with my mind to his. "What is up Captain?" He grumbled, "We must have missed our quarry. They slipped around us." His mood was about as good as the crews'.


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Journeyman N4th
James Slaven
18 Feb, 2021 12:57

I'm a big fan of the parrot's perspective. Looking forward to more of it!

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
19 Feb, 2021 17:50

Thanks! The Dìondair Malairt and the parrot are just joining the story, more on the way.

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