Mining Guild

Written by George Sanders

Melvin Percelhime sat at the bar. The bartender got him a Thorngage Ale and headed to the back to alert Clay that Mel had arrived. The Mining Guild in Etonia was part of a large organization that spread down the coast. Its tendrils reached into anywhere there was a precious resource that could be sold somewhere else for a profit. They were good at what they did so even the Etonia Council gave them a contract to manage a mine. The mine was deep in the forest near the village of Everst.   Melvin would never stoop to going to a backwater village but there were some delays he needed to investigate here in Etonia at least. What was taking so long? He looked around the bar. It was a large room with 10 tables each ringed with chairs. This room would be filled to the brim before a new expedition to the mine. There was a boy sweeping. When the boy opened the back door to empty the dustpan. Melvin got himself a second glass of ale before the bartender returned.   "Clay is ready to see you. You can go back, head to the right, then first door on your left." The bartender explained.   Melvin didn't really listen. He knew this building. The next room was a small office with a secretary working on copying documents, filing work orders, and updating logs. She was sufficient. Melvin just walked past without any conversation. He went down the hallway to the right. The first door on the left was open. He entered.   The room had carpet, an antique oak desk, thick bookshelves, and elaborate sconces for lighting. There were two plush chairs in front of the desk.   "Mel! So good to see you." Clay welcomed Melvin. He directed him to one of the chairs and sat in the other - a sign of familiarity and that Melvin had his attention.   "You wrote that the shipments of silver will be delayed soon. Have all the miners been processed already?" Melvin got right down to business.   "Yes, we were in the process of recruiting 40 more when the mine was attacked. The council put a hold on sending new miners until the guard could secure the mine." Clay paused and looked for Melvin's reaction.   Melvin crossed his arms and tilted his head "Are you telling me it is a total loss!?"   Clay knew this was a conversation he needed to have in-person with Mel. "Yes. There is a group in the forest that has systematically taken out all our outposts and triggered an unfortunate response from the council. I need the authorization to take action."   Melvin stood. "Show me your plans." Clay took him over to the far corner of the room and pulled on a book on a shelf. The wall shifted and slid to the side.   "This way," Clay said.


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