Malen'ki (ma LEN ki)

Work in progress

Written by George Sanders

Do you hear the broken cords out in the snow? Kibber, listen to them. Let them come close, don't go to them. Those are the Malen'ki. Little souls, what remains of those left behind.


This settlement was theirs. It was called Nova Nadi. The name is a variation on our language for "New Hope". The stragglers, or escapees, that got away from the caravan of Troika set up this new home. Houses for families- two here. Another, over there. That was a storage shed. This building was a workshop. There was some trade with other settlements, look at these pieces of slate. The cold leaves little room for decay, it is more like the buildings here are desiccated.


The Malen'ki were fighting an uphill battle, trying to outlast the cold. I wonder how long they could have made it? Fate intervened before hunger and cold took them. Their emotions were detected, and Glain's Warlocks descended on the settlement. You can see the blast marks on the wood.



Look at these adjustments to the door handle. It was moved down three times. After, each assault by Glain's forces, slightly smaller inhabitants took over the settlement.


Do you know the stories of realms where people are mortal? where they die? Our world is not like that. Glain's forces deprived the Malen'ki of peace and joy and existence for a time but the Malen'ki returned. Their stature was slightly smaller with some of their emotion stolen away.


This happened several times until they went their separate ways and took shelter in the forest. They are still hunted by the Warlocks but not detectable unless visually spotted. Their guerrilla war would inflict too much cost on Glain's forces to capture every Malen'ki so for now, they persist.


Make sure they don't believe you are an ally to Glain and they may commune with you. I suspect if you help them find their joy before they fade away, they may return the favor. During my time here, they have been very curious about me.


I appreciate you reading my flash fiction article. This story explores the 2022 World Anvil Summer Camp theme of Expanse. The flash fiction doubling as worldbuilding may be used as background for ttrpg games or as content in other writing projects.

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Grandmaster tlcassis
Polgara Badass of Azeroth
6 Aug, 2022 13:01

Thank You! A story... I love when people are able to craft a story around the articles, and this is a very engaging little snippet. Makes me curious about your world (and yes I followed you). When judging is over and you get back to this, I would link your expanse into it - just a thought.

Humans! My competition entry for "On the Shoulders of Giants"   Author of the world of Arrhynsia  and Out of Darkness Book 1 of the Adenshur Scrolls     I will never understand surface dwellers.
Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
6 Aug, 2022 18:38

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the follow too!. Yes, the expanse will be added to the world...and how it relates to the world.

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