Life Runs on Bread

Written by George Sanders

A lot of the farms in the Anhult Wildlands bake their own breads. There are events organized around the receipes and many varieties end up in the markets of the region to supplement the sale of crops and livestock. In the larger villages and in Etonia the volume of people requires a more regulated approach. The mayors or council of each of the community set a quota for the amount of bread to be made each day.   The bakers don't have time to sell to customers with the large quantity of product they need to produce. Their loaves and various creations are sent to the taverns, markets and dry goods shops each morning. Households get a quota of bread each day and may order extra for the following day from one of those establishments.   In times of emergency or shortage, the quota is all that a household can receive. The mayor in Montsilt recently needed to double the quota made every day. The town was supporting new community members as well as refugees. It wasn't long before another increase was needed but they took the step to recruit additional baking staff. It was necessary. For such a critical task a good community manager can't let these bakers get burnt out or suffer in poor health.   There are 8 Bakers in Etonia, 1 in Montsilt, 1 in Pale Gear, and 1 in Anders End. One of the bakers in Etonia supplies Everst and Mirasoon with a weekly shipment. The general public rarely interacts with the bakers directly so it becomes a thankless job that requires the baker to wake in the middle of the night to prepare the first order of the day.


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