Etonia Constable Office

Written by George Sanders

The stone building at the edge of town, by the south gate, had a 6 ft tall iron fence around it. It was the location of the Constable's Office and the Jail. Few buildings other than the Mining Guild and Construction Guild have any sort of fence in the town. These buildings clearly said, keep out. The heavy lock on the fence gate and main door of the office re-emphasized it - Keep Out.   Inside the accommodations were spartan. In the main room, a nice but plain oak desk separated the Constable's workaround from a meeting around with a rectangular table and 6 wooden chairs. The current Constable was Harum H Wilson. A crotchety aging man that introduces himself with his full name, including the middle initial. His favorite pastime was walking the streets to scold young Etonians to get to work and do something useful.   He was not popular with the youth or their parents. He locked up a few youths for talking back to him. The council usually intervened and reminded him that his mandate was not to find problems in people but to hold people the council had concerns about or individuals who actually were judged guilty of a crime. The council had set up rules that the city guard looked outward not onto its own citizens and the constable was to hold individuals not police them.   Special investigators from the Avast Library would be assigned to handle murder, robbery, and cases where two parties had strongly differing opinions that escalated to violence.   That meant the Constable's Office was often empty. Crime was low in the remote city. However, this spring a pair of wizards had been placed under arrest when they flew into Etonia on a giant bird. Currently, a halfling sits in one of the 3 cells now. He was the past mayor of Montsilt. He has been found guilty of kidnapping, extortion, and robbery. He has been stripped of his title. The rumors are all over town that the halfling is an evil fiend, that it isn't safe to hold him in Etonia, and how brave Harum H Wilson is to face this creature every day. (Harum H Wilson may be the source of those rumors)

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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