Into the bright field I walk


The sun is warm on my hands as I brush the wheat.


I have to pause and kneel


Your warmth radiates across the field to me.


I close my eyes and breathe out


The burdens I carry ease with your attention.


I know it is in my mind but it doesn't matter


The feeling is the same, even if it is a dream.

Reflections Of Field and Farm

by Sav Fist

Page 17 from a series of 21 poems

Attribution: Sav Fist

Age Estimate: 3yrs ago

Manuscript, Literature

Background: Sav Fist is a talented musician that caught the attention of the Council of Etonia. She had come to the city with her family nearly 10 years ago. When she ventured out on her own she toured the villages of the forest. Upon her return she had many ballads of the forest and farms of the region. She was a popular act at many of the taverns. She works now as an aide to the Council and is in charge of the heralds and town criers.


Author's Notes

This article is part of the Storytelling Collective's April Daily Poem challenge, 30 days of poetry. As with all #StoCo challenges, this is a no-pressure writing challenge intended to be fun and stimulating. If you are inspired to share use the tag #AprilDailyPoem. After you log in to World Anvil to leave your comment below, follow the Anhult Wildlands and I'll send you a notification as I complete additional poems.

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