Bath House in Montsilt

Written by George Sanders

Yessica and Calla are twins, just barely over 3 feet tall. They describe themselves as an ideal package deal. The two of them are way better than a 6-foot tall person. They have their own business on the second floor of Gimy's General Store in Montsilt. They do tattoos and run the bathhouse. Antum has them set up with a hot water system and a steam room. Tattoos are 1sp a piece per 2 sq in. Baths in the porcelain tubs and use of the steam room are 2sp. Do you need a personal scrub down? that is a little extra and they'll name their price after looking at you.


The twins are talented artists. The walls are covered in their designs and musings. Yessica has a large tree tattoo on her back. Calla has a cat tattoo, stretched out across her shoulders. Their arms are sleeves of tattoos. They are the only place in town with running water so while some customers are very interested in the extra services, they have plenty of modest customers. They always offer the maximum service but respect their customer's wishes. They love to tease but are skilled at not making customers feel uncomfortable and quickly find the right balance for each person.


Town Gossip NSFW

Their most frequent customer used to be Bryce Fairweather, the previous mayor. They were glad to see him go and are glad to have more time with Yelsin. He is in just about every day. That man likes to be clean and enjoys the full service. Every day Hanna walks by to work at the magic shop they offer her a free trial. She hasn't accepted anything more than a standard bath but the twins are hopeful. Another favorite customer is Mercy. She has more tattoos than the twins combined and they glow when the three of them get a bath going.


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