Amulet of Tur

Work In Progress

Written by George Sanders

The amulet is made of granite. It is solid the whole way through but it made of several rotating disks. It is a hexagon on the outside edge. There is a glyph in the center, front of the amulet. The leather strap used to put it around your neck is studded with finely polished rock.
  The glyph is an engraving of a figure standing under a waterfall. The waterfall represents knowledge. The waterfall and figure engravings are set inside a larger figure of an earth elemental.

Minor Powers

This amulet functions like a key to open doors with engravings that matches the glyph. It requires a connection with its user. There is a delay but once it connects, that remains until the amulet is removed.
  With the connection made, it works to provide its user with sight of what is coming in the near future (+2 bonus to initiative). If the user is not native to the domain it was constructed in, the slightly incompatiable energy will cause some damage to the user (1 hp damage)


When the amulet is activated more than three times by one person it has a a 50% change of awakening. When activated it has these additional abilities:
    • It adds the abilities of a Periphet of Health
    • It adds resistance to cold damage
    • It enhances Constitution (+2)



As the user continues to generate energy in alignment with the land of the domain, the amulet will advance into an exhalted state. In this state a yellow diamond that was not previously visible under the stone disks is revealed.
    • It adds the abilities of a Ring of Free Action
    • The Yellow Diamond in it can summon Earth Elementals
    • It adds the abilit to controll Earth Elementals 2/day



The knowledge of who created the amulet(s) has been lost to time but it can be assumed that they had the name Tur. This is likely a family name. Through most of the amulet's history it was in the service of the ancient peoples, who created the domains. They used it as a key to power other devices. It operated as a security tool since many of the devices would not operate without the amulet.

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Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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