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Creating Erebos


Erebos is a vile creature, rotten from the day he was born into this world. He resented his brother for being better than him in every way, and instead of trying to better himself he lashed out at those around him. Just ask anyone from Shawntique, they'll tell you all about the horrors he committed before the war even started. He's responsible not only for the murder of thousands of people, but also his own parents. I heard that he used them as a blood sacrifice to open the portal that let the demons through, dragging their half dead bodies through the mountains before brutally murdering them at some ancient alter so he could summon a horde of the vile disgusting beasts.
For no other reason than to prove he could.
Then, with his new found power and insatiable blood lust, he rampaged through Shawntique, razing it to the ground in a bloodbath that lasted for only a single day. They were so overwhelmed that no one even knew it happened until years later. By then all of Fangor Mountains had been over run. It was only Karenwatti, his own brother, who had risen against him and fought to push him back from the rest of the planet. Unfortunately Karenwatti still held a misguided hope for his lost kin and couldn't bring himself to commit fully to bringing down the shadow that was left of Erebos.
He squandered his chance at killing him when he could. Because of his weakness Erebos turned his gaze on the rest of Ethiea, and in the span of a few days he cut us off from the only help that could save us. He took both of the Spaceports one right after the other and closed the only entry points onto Ethiea's surface, destroying an IGC supply ship in the process, and killing everyone on board.
What sanity Erebos had was gone the moment he opened that portal, and Karenwatti should have killed him the first chance he had, if you ask me. We were stuck fighting a losing battle against a never ending wave of mindless beasts, and it took a child to finally do what Karenwatti never could.    



The Truth about Erebos?
There are quite a few stories surrounding him these days, and it seems each one is more twisted than the last....
I suppose I should start at the beginning if I want to tell you the unfortunate story of what really happened to him.
It really started when he was born, he was seen as weak willed and feeble, barely able to hold his head off the ground at first. He was sick most of the time in his younger years and so our parents scorned him, they turned their attention away from him and focused on me. They ignored him when he excelled and berated him when he failed, they told him he could never hope to be as successful as me and he despised them for it. I did my best to be there for him and encourage him to be what I believed he could be.
Our parents died many years before the Ethiean War began in a tragic accident. It was a landslide, caused by excessive rain that year, that destroyed our home and many others and resulted in the death of not only our parents but countless others. We were both devastated by the loss of them, despite how they treated Erebos, they were still our parents, but I feel that Erebos also lost something else that day. He viewed our parents as an obstacle to overcome, they represented everything that he wanted to be better than, and now that they were gone he would never be able to show them that they were wrong. In his mind they had won.
After that he became aimless, he wandered back and forth across Fangor looking for anything to prove he was worth something.
I tried my best to convince him that he had nothing to prove and that he was worth everything to me, but it only fueled his desire more. Then one day he told me about some ancient ruins he'd found deep in the heart of the mountains and that they had a secret hidden within them. A knowledge so powerful that whoever had discovered it long ago had buried it so only those worthy could find it, and use it to overcome anything.
It was what he had been looking for for all those years. Finally he had what he needed to prove himself, and in my desperation, I encouraged him to continue his study of the ruins. He learned of a ritual that would allow him to draw a great power from the very fabric of the Universe. A power that would fill his body and give command to a an endless wave of intent.
He was excited but nervous, and I told him it was okay, I told him it was probably just an old ritual designed to call on the the power of the Ancients, and that he knew what he was doing. I just wanted him to believe in himself, how could I have known- how could he have known what would happen?
He was unprepared for the rift that opened up before him and the corruption that poured out of it. It took over his mind and set loose the horde of demons that plagued Ethiea for over thirty years. As soon as I heard what had happened to Shawntique the next day I rushed over and the burning shambles that were left of the once great city sent ice through my veins. I searched for days before I finally found Erebos, stumbling through the rubble with a half dazed look. When I called out to him his eyes filled with terror and sadness, and I don't know what I expected him to say, but instead he desperately begged me to kill him and stop him.
He begged me to save him, and I couldn't.


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