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Sidéris Family

Like the Meletitís Family of Astériapólis, the clan holds vast mining interests. However, unlike their southern cousins they have largely concentrated on mining as well as metalworking based out of Vóreio nisí.   The family is suspected of having several strongholds in the mountain that are not publicly known by the other residents of Fengáriopolis.

Foreign Relations

The tribe is closely aligned with the Telamunus Branch of the Megalos Family, and one that is a supplier to the main branch in Astériapólis as a supplier of arms and armor, but opposed from a policy perspective.   They are highly antagonistic towards the Chronis Family. Sideris family members are often found tormenting younger members of the Chronis family.   They compete but maintain respectful relations with the Meletitís Family on the wider markets of Zihæt for worked metal goods.


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