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Kynigós Family

The Kynigós family is the largest of the two dominant family city-state of @feng on the northern island of Nótio nisí, and the largest land owner. They are the great statesmen and women of the city, but they get their wealth from the farming and herding activities on the islands. The more martial leaning members of the family are revered as some of the worlds greatest hunters, with abilities far beyond mortal men.


Main family line and branch families. Similar to eastern societies.


The family is considered by many to be cursed. While infrequent, many of the family are "touched" by a strange god. Members of the primary line within the family rumored to transform into strange creatures in the dark of night. This has encouraged a mystique surrounding the family. However it has also led to younger or branch members of the family being targeted for bullying, salacious rumors and other forms of covert abuse.

Foreign Relations

The family is constantly at odds with the Sideris Family, and is loosly aligned with the Megalos Family from a policy perspective. The relationship with the Aérasopoulos Family is complex and defies simple explanations.


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