Episode 18: Posession

General Summary


  Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 11a. Lizardfolk Outpost, Main Cavern   (0:38:00)   Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 11b. Lizardfolk Outpost, A Little Privacy   Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 14. Rafts   Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 15. Slippery Slope   Encounter (1:45) or where Otlyn demonstrates Sharknado for the group.   Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 16a. Grotto of Madness, Lost Island of Bulpa Slopp   Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 16c. Grotto of Madness, Treasure Trove   The group rests in the hidden cavern.   Saarl continues to apologize profusely and offer his own life in apology for failing Ianthe and attacking her.

Rewards Granted

  • 6000 gold drachma in coins and gems
  • A copper goblet (1 gold drachma)
  • A tarnished and dented silver pitcher (5 gold drachma)
  • A rotted leather bracer inset with three peridots (500 gold drachma each)
  • A corked bottle containing a spell scroll of magic weapon.
  • A long rest
  • Everyone levels up

Character(s) interacted with

  • Yas
  • Irtokax
  • Aboleth/Binyip
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
06 Sep 2020
Primary Location


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