Tevin, the minotaur mushroom farmer. He's inherited this rather large lair from his grandfather. So much of it is currently unused and being overrun with spiders. And, of course, those spiders love mushrooms. What else are they going to eat?

While the poor guy was in the nearest city, he just happened to stumble across his cousin, who has a bounty on her head for using magic against a guard. He had to save her.

And now the party is after him, to save her. All because a drunk one eye'd lizard man saw them walk off together and started singing about a minotaur stealing a fish.

Which organization do you belong to?

Minotaur mushroom farmer that lives in the Kaidu Wilderness. Was seen leaving Hollowbury with Goldie.

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Cover image: by MandoMc Designs
Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney


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