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The Blood God

Malakai, once a deity of passion and war, now an Arch-Devil, is driven by the tragic loss of Lysandra, the Deity of Love. His transformation and the chant "Blood to the Blood God" are testaments to his enduring grief and quest for vengeance against Iharis.



  • Birth and early years under the guidance of Oruer, the God of War.
  • The passionate bond with Lysandra, and the world's forgetfulness of her.

The Pact and Transformation

  • The desperate quest for power to avenge Lysandra.
  • The pact with Asmodeus and the rise as an Arch-Devil.

Blood to the Blood God

  • The birth and significance of the chant "Blood to the Blood God."
  • The annual remembrance ritual for Lysandra.

Role in Aegimius

  • Influence in various realms, especially in the face of ancient threats.
  • The vendetta against Iharis and the alliances formed.


Malakai is often depicted with fiery eyes, symbolizing his burning passion and rage. His form is both regal and menacing, a testament to his divine origins and infernal transformation.

Which organization do you belong to?
  • Blood
  • Rage
  • Strategy
  • Madness
Current Location
9 Hells
Blood for the Blood God
Type of Powers
Unique Magical Ability
Love Interest
Lasandra, Goddess of Love

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