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Fractured Agility Syndrome

Sporadic and unpredictable, Flickertwitch causes the catfolk's innate grace and agility to falter momentarily, revealing moments of vulnerability amidst their otherwise fluid movements. Yet, within the ebb and flow of its capricious nature lies the key to unforeseen advantages, evoking tales of legendary heroes and cautionary whispers of those ensnared by its flickering grasp.

What is Fractured Agility Syndrome, or Flickertwitch?

Fractured Agility Syndrome, also known as Flickertwitch, is a unique and enigmatic condition that affects the catfolk of Aegimius. It manifests as sporadic and unpredictable fractures in their inherent agility, causing moments of erratic and twitchy movements. While it presents challenges, Flickertwitch grants catfolk advantages in combat through unpredictability and enhanced empathy.

There are those who have attempted to claim that the condition is tied to the Hiest family and their magic, though this has never been confirmed.

Can Flickertwitch be suppressed or controlled?
While Flickertwitch cannot be fully controlled, some catfolk develop methods to mitigate its effects during critical moments through focused training and meditation.
What triggers episodes of Flickertwitch?
The episodes of Flickertwitch can be triggered by stress, intense emotions, exposure to certain magical energies, or even during moments of intense concentration.
How is Flickertwitch diagnosed?
Flickertwitch can be identified by observing the catfolk during episodes of erratic and flickering movements, which are distinct markers of the condition.
How dangerous is Flickertwitch?
Flickertwitch can be both a blessing and a curse. While the unpredictable movements can grant advantages in combat, the occasional loss of control can also put the affected catfolk at a disadvantage.
Which organization do you belong to?
Also known as
the Fracture; Flickertwitch
Affected Species
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species
Is Flickertwitch seen as a blessing or a curse in the catfolk society?
The perception of Flickertwitch varies among the catfolk. Some view it as a unique and advantageous trait, while others see it as a challenging burden that requires careful management.


twitchy movements
Unpredictable Behavior
Intermittent Vulnerability
Momentary Loss of Control

The symptoms of Fractured Agility Syndrome, or Flickertwitch, are characterized by sporadic and unpredictable disruptions in the catfolk's innate agility and grace.


The hereditary nature of Fractured Agility Syndrome remains hidden until puberty for catfolk, leading to hope among parents that their children may not have inherited it. The initial episode of Flickertwitch during puberty can be disorienting, as young catfolk experience unpredictable moments of vulnerability, affecting their natural agility. They may feel confusion, embarrassment, and isolation as they struggle to comprehend their condition.


It is important to note that while recovery is achievable, Flickertwitch remains an inherent aspect of the catfolk's identity, and not all episodes can be entirely prevented. Instead, the focus is on embracing the uniqueness of their condition and using it to their advantage whenever possible. Through a combination of acceptance, practice, and community support, the catfolk learn to navigate the ebb and flow of Flickertwitch.

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