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Daphal (a.k.a. The Golden Protector)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Daphal was protector of the Red forest before passing the mantle on to his son Abraxas. It was during his time in the Red Forest that he came across Amanda Zumren, and her monkey Nasu, and joined her quest to thwart the Zumren Family's quest for more power.
After the death of his friend Amanda and his daughter Juni, Daphal was heartbroken, and assisted in the destruction of those that killed them. When Abraxas came of age Daphal relinquished the job pf guarding the gotest to him and quietly disappeared into the world.
There are occasional stories of the golden protector showing up around For Storia, but they have never panned out.

Accomplishments & Achievements

was a part in stopping the Elvish Dragon War
Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
1684 2387 Years old

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