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The market town of Burnsley sit's atop a giant Lava Slug that traverses the rivers through the 9-Hells. Due to its traveling nature, they made the market of materials found throughout the various realms, including but not limited to adamantine, obsidian, bone, red-hot iron, and black ichor. To those outside of the 9-Hells the market seems uninviting, however many within the 9-hells are grateful for its existence as one of the few ways to trade among the various levels of the Hells, and get goods from the outside world for those lower levels.


The city is made up of denezins from all levels of the Nine Hells. Imps, Teiflings, Succubi, Minotaurs, and devils are seen on the daily, just to name a few.


The town has a rotating leader, more then a stable one, but one thing that all of the leaders of this town seem to have in common is their desire for the town, and their own purse to profit. Each time a new leader takes control of the town the various shop owners and artists must pay a "protection fee" of sorts to the new leader.


The trading post is divided into several distinct districts:


The general market district. Splehermask has all your needs easily ready to trade between the levels of hell, and the occasional adventurer from any of the other planes.

Nusp Avenue

The Enchanters and Weapon Smiths of Nusp Avenue create some of the fearest weapons in the Nine Hells.
It's said that the Black Hand himself got his legendary arm from one of the merchants of Nusp Avenue. They all claim the honor, but the Black Hand has never confirmed this.
— unknown

Qaheasp Cross

Enchanted necklaces, rings, belts and earings to make even the uglest imp look as enchanting as Lady Glasya.

Celaisk Road

Need Humans, Elves, Dwarves, or other beings from the material plane to work in your home? Just hungering for flesh and blood? Want the latest enchantment from Animath? Look no further then Celaisk Road.


Twacaft Park

Decorate your walls with canvas' of mortal flesh. Taxidermied Dragons, and Tritons. Books made of the finest imp, human, devil, or levithian flesh. The artists of Twacaft Park can make it all.

Cisseord Valley

Found in the lower portion of the market near the slugs tail, Cisseord Valley specializes in metal fabrication & ore processing. Artesians from each level of hell vie for a spot in the valley to show their unique craftsman ship and abilities to fabricate and process the various materials.
A Tabaxi rug, why of course we can make it, did you bring your Tabaxi? No, if you bring it alive I'll give you a 10% discount. There's an art to killing them you know.
— Zrep

Drinwak Market

Take your metal from Cisseord Valley up to the smiths in Drinkwak Market for their unparalleled ability to create armor and weapons that many on the material plane gawk at.

Little Creemmald

The Bakers of Little Cremmald are renowned for their ability to make even the hungriest Leviathan a little less grumpy.
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