August VSS - The Shadow Magnus

"Grandfather, can you tell us the story about the shadow and his brother again? The fun one where he and his brother went after the ancient tabaxi statue," a young girl asked, running into the study with her brother in tow.
The man in question looked up at the two children from the other side of his desk, sighing. "What have I told you two about running in the temple? Some of the other priests are beginning to think your mother is nuts."
The man slowly got up from behind the desk and motioned the children to the couch infront of the large window. "They were experts you know. Assassins, retrievers, friends. Those two did it all. Stories say that they were trained to be opposities of one another, so they could better protect each other in battle."
"One day Shadow and his brother recieved a letter asking them to go after a recently discovered statue. The brothers couldn't wait to leave and very quickly went after the supplies they need. "I can't seem to find the location of the site." Vulas' brother said.
The brothers set off for Troterre Ait in hopes of finding a definate clue to the statue.
"That's the island in Moonstruck Basin isn't it grandfather?"
The man nodded motioning for the girl to let him continue, "Once they arrived the noticed that there were several distinct dialects in Castingville. Perhaps it's because Troterre is rummored relation to the gods. Many of the people in Castinville were shocked at the brother's arrival. Questions abounded as the brothers searched for a vessel to take them across to the island."
"There were several telltale signs that the brothers noticed. In addition to the various teams on the island looking for relics, the brothers noticed a rival pair of treasure hunters, including Tisha. Given the past encounters the brothers had with Tisha they knew they were on the right path. They hoped finding the statue would allow them to undo the damage their last mission had caused, escape the organization they were working for and build new lives."
"Because Shadow blew up that bar during the Servbulic Event?" the boy asked.
The man nodded. "You love asking questions about that , but don't think I'll tell you about it yet, I don't feel either of you are quite old enough. The bar event was the mission that sealed Shadows fate. The brothers had protested the charges several times, each to no avail. It wasn't Shadow's first 'mistake', nor would it be his last. The situation was indeed hairy by this time. No more interruptions from the two of you or I'll stop the story." he said sternly.
"We've trained for this J. Surely you won't let a pair of pretty eyes keep us from this major victory? I mean it's only our freedom that hangs in the balance." Shadow goaded his brother.
"Relax V. We'll go in, grab the statue, then vanish before even Tisha can find us. We just have to worry that Herald isn't with her to jam us up as usual. His ability to counterspell as quick as he does...."
"If we can ignore the others, we can be back in time to enjoy some of that cake you love fresh from the baker in Bismuth," Shadow teased.
"His brother rolled his eyes as they headed towards the giant excavation site, keeping their eyes peeled for any hunters they'd had interactions with. Knowing the island's ban on magic, the brothers had no choice but to keep their wits about them. As they got into the site and began looking around, the brothers noted the avarice of some of the other hunters. The site held many artifacts and treasures. But no where could they find the statue of the damned god, that no one had heard of. Supposedly, a god was killed by Tharizdun during their war, and the statue they were sent to find was apparently the visage of him. Both of you know, artifacts of the gods are not something to be messed with. The brothers found that out the hard way."
The man looked at the children and chuckled softly before continuing. "About a quarter of an hour later the brothers stumbled upon something no one else had seen. Perhaps it was because of their age, and the changes that had happened since the Divergance, but they found entry into a lost chamber. The state of the chamber was immaculate, save for the thick layer of dust. And yes Alynys, that's how they knew the chamber had been lost."
"Unknown to the brothers, the group that they were working for had diversified their chances of obtaining this statue, something that had a bit of precedent. The other group, led by Tisha herself, had determined that in order to unearth the statue, it would be best to follow the brothers in. There in the center of the chamber stood a garguantuan statue of a tabaxian like being. Every person in the room paused, in awe of the item. At the bottom of the statue, 'To my dearest brother, I do hope this captures your vissage, and goes, how do you say viral? See you later today. M'
"Who do you think his sibling was?" a member of Tasha's group asked.
"It doesn't matter, sweep the room for anything you think they'll like. Jacque, and I will work on the statue. We should be out of here in no time, so long as Julian and Vulas don't get in our way. You will let me have this, won't you Julian?" Tisha asked batting her eyes at the brothers.
Shadow looked at his brother as his fingers began tracing symbols in the air. "Hustle while you can Tish, you won't get our pay day. We have to much skin in the game to let you have the rights to this."
As he finished the statue vanished before everyones' eyes. "Why don't we get out of here J. I'm sure they don't need us to navigate their way out of here, right Tish?"
Just then the door to the office opened and a priest stood there, "High Priest Magnus, you're needed in the Reliquiry."
The man nodded and looked at the kids. "I'll be there in just a moment. Children, we'll have to fnish this later. Run along to your mother and try not to get in the way in the kitchens."
August - History  
  • Day 1 ancient (vssCollab), fun (flexvss)
  • Day 2 study (vssCollab), nut/nuts (flexvss)
  • Day 3 expert (vssCollab), friend/foe (flexvss)
  • Day 4 letter (vssCollab), chant/can't (flexvss)
  • Day 5 dialect (vssCollab), definite (flexvss)
  • Day 6 relation (vssCollab), many (flexvss)
  • Day 7 question (vssCollab), land (flexvss)
  • Day 8 telltale (vssCollab), pair (flexvss)
  • Day 9 undo (vssCollab), maybe (flexvss)
  • Day 10 build (vssCollab), escape (flexvss)
  • Day 11 feel (vssCollab), question (flexvss)
  • Day 12 event (vssCollab), bar (flexvss)
  • Day 13 protest (vssCollab), hair/hairy (flexvss)
  • Day 14 major (vssCollab), train (flexvss)
  • Day 15 vanish (vssCollab), lax/relax (flexvss)
  • Day 16 herald (vssCollab), jam (flexvss)
  • Day 17 ignore (vssCollab), cake (flexvss)
  • Day 18 ban (vssCollab), Giant/Gigantic (flexvss)
  • Day 19 avarice (vssCollab), Damn/Damned (flexvss)
  • Day 20 war (vssCollab), Find (flexvss)
  • Day 21 quarter (vssCollab), No (flexvss)
  • Day 22 state (vssCollab), Yes (flexvss)
  • Day 23 precedent (vssCollab), Unknown (flexvss)
  • Day 24 unearth (vssCollab), Other (flexvss)
  • Day 25 gargantuan (vssCollab), Every (flexvss)
  • Day 26 viral (vssCollab), Day (flexvss)
  • Day 27 sweep (vssCollab), We (flexvss)
  • Day 28 trace (vssCollab), Hustle/Hustling (flexvss)
  • Day 29 rights (vssCollab), Game (flexvss)
  • Day 30 navigate (vssCollab), Why (flexvss)
  • Day 31 just (vssCollab), Finish (flexvss)

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