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Staying with Glilx and Esa at the Triple Canopy was an absolute blessing. They were extreamly personable for goblins, but when those droids started attacking the trading post, Glilx jumped into action so quick, and saved so many of the travelers, and residents.
— Tumnulir Brewtank ale merchant from Avalon
Agzar is a large trading post along the main roads east of Alnerwicik between the Red (to the south) and Oak (to the North) Forests.


Established in 421 by goblin business man Trogz the III. After he had finally convinced many in the Goblin Kingdom that it would benefit them greatly to start trading with those outside the forest, and perhaps gather a decent amount of information to sell to Alnerwick on the side.
On the 6th of Formurst 816 droids attacked the trading post of Agzar killing 453 individuals.

Fika's Blackout

Shortly after magic was blocked from Fika, a creature started to attack the trading post. Between these attacks and the droid slaughter a couple months previous, most of the permanent residents of the trading post decided to seek shelter in Alnerwick until such time as magic was resotred and the creature had been dealt with.


Like much of the Neutral Zone the demographics of Agzar are ever changing. This is in part due to the nature of people coming and trading, and some chosing to stay for a period of time, while others move on. Those who have decided to stay for longer terms are friendly with all travelers that move through the trading post.

In addition to the Sheriff Rowley, Deputy Salhi, and the 5 members of the local town watch, the trading post has elected Kne Sweatwatch as it's de-facto leader.

Shops and Services

The trading post boasts numerious shops and services including:

  • 3 general stores
  • an Alchemist
  • 2 artists
  • a cobbler
  • 2 shops specialing in magical weapons
  • a mill
  • 2 Tanners/Taxidermists
  • 2 thatchers
  • 3 inns
  • Triple Canopy Inn
  • Saffron Mill
  • Spare Time Lodge
  • a tailor
  • a smith
  • rare Botanicals
  • 3 barbers
  • 2 taverns
  • The Crowded Dog
  • Lively Traveler
  • a club
  • a House of Leisure
  • A guide & Tracker
  • Priestly Guidance
  • 2 soothsayers
  • Divine Hands
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