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History of A To Zoo

  • -105
    Founding of the A to Zoo
    Era beginning/end

    On this date was the founding of the A to Zoo. Construction began, and the dream of owning the largest collection of creatures in the Yonderverse would slowly become a reality from this point onwards.

  • 0

    Opening of A to Zoo
    Era beginning/end

    The grand opening of the A to Zoo. Time in this dimension is formed around the opening of this zoo, taking place on the year 0.

  • 103

    1 million unique species acquired

    1 million unique species have been acquired in the A to Zoo, 99% of them on show to the public. This was a huge achievement for the collection, as it already put them in the top fauna collections in the Yonderverse for their number of species.

  • 997

    5 /3 19:00

    19 /6 12:00

    Trode Bear Escape
    Disaster / Destruction

    The pair of trode bears in the Bears Sector 8 escaped from their enclosure. For just over three months, they hid from zookeepers as they terrorised visitors in countless Sectors.

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    Trode Bear Escape
  • 4595

    100 /5

    Present Day

    Present day in the A to Zoo, exactly halfway through the year 4595.

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