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Portals are the best method of transport to navigate the gargantuan A To Zoo. With millions of different sectors, all millions of miles apart in the vast A to Zoo Dimension, it is the only speedy way to get around in no time at all.

Simply step on a bright purple platform and imagine the sector you would like to visit. A family trip? Children cannot decide which sectors to visit, so they can't escape parents. A platform can hold up to five average sized people at any one time. They appear as large purple phone boxes, not to be confused with the red phone boxes, actually used for communication.


During the Zoo's early days when there were just a handful of sectors connected via bridges and trains, these portals were solely used by zookeepers.

The Zoo swiftly grew and sectors needed to be pushed farther apart so they could easily be expanded, so portals became used by tourists as a way to quickly flit around sectors and see whatever animals they like, whenever they liked.


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