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The Successor Realms.

The Human lands that exist in this age are but a mere shadows of what mankind once represented. The mighty Agatestian Empire, that coveted much of eastern Illaria is now naught but a long distant memory. This once bright, influential empire was extinguished by the Dragon lord Tyrran during the Draconic Wars In order to punish mankind for overstepping itself. What remained in the aftermath would crumble and break down due to a series of civil wars, barbarian incursions and intermittent power struggles between political factions and violent disputes between the estranged members of the imperial bloodline. Resulting in the emergence of a series of petty kingdoms and autocratic states staking their own claim into the lands that the empire once reigned over.   The Successor realms themselves encompass the majority of the eastern most coast of Illaria, upon the Lorthwyn Channel and the Tacarigua Sea.
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