Kingdom of Falrenand

Famous for its mysterious forests, low hills, fertile plains and network of decaying castles. Farenland with its long standing feudal traditions and proud history has steadily fallen into a state of decline. With the passing of the ailing King Clovis II, the kingdom fell into a state of mourning. As it's people came together to pay their respects to this great man, the ambitious Earl Bohemond of Sphindyke made his move. Surrounding and capturing the royal convoy on its way to Cynwall that carrying the heir apparent. Taking his nephew, the sickly boy prince and his mother the queen regent. Proclaiming himself as protector of the realm, and having Prince Nycolas De Warenne coronated within days, the sickly boy king is believed to be naught but puppet in the clutches of the ambitious earl.   Many of Lords and Nobles of Farenland have refused to stay silent, openly condemning and cursing Sphindyke's treachery. Raising their banners in outright rebellion to Bohemond of Sphindyke, declaring him oath breaker and usurper. Dragging it's people further into a state of civil war.
Geopolitical, Kingdom


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