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Mighty elementals of a bygone age, roaming the wilderness as guardians of the forgotten.
  In the uncharted fringes of the known world, amidst the impenetrable depths of primeval jungles and the crumbling remnants of forsaken civilizations, roam solitary guardians, their watchful presence shrouded in mystery. Resembling colossal felines adorned with a mosaic of intricate motifs and patterns etched onto their terracotta-like skin. These sentinels preside over domains few dare to trespass upon. To approach the sanctuaries they protect demands not only caution but also respect, for the Golethra are no mere creatures. They stand as living echoes of a forgotten era, custodians of lost knowledge, and emissaries of the primal forces that once shaped the very fabric of the land.  
Few who have journey to such treacherous reaches have ever glimpsed one, it is perhaps why most would say the Golethra is just mere fantasy, remaining shrouded in scepticism. Indigenous legends suggest that they were crafted by the primordial giants or erstwhile servants to Jhollrg during the cataclysmic war of the gods. There is no telling when or how they came into existence, but they are believed to have been protecting the last remains of ancient civilizations that fell to The Cadence. It is said that these ancient sentinels are linked to the spirit realms and may be able to commune with the spirits of the earth. Yet, for all their mystery and antiquity, it was not until recent years that scholars began to take note of them.
by Anithecutie
Over a lifetime of communing with nature, I have beheld many wonders, from the towering ancient oaks to the delicate dance of mushrooms. Yet, in the presence of the Golethra, I am humbled by their embodiment of the earth's strength and wisdom. Roaming the wilderness as guardians of forgotten.
Respiren, the wayward druid. Overheard prattlings to novices.
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Behaviour And Ecology

  With an innate affinity and deep ties to the elements of the earth, the Golethra embody a profound connection to the land itself. Witnessed in moments of communion, they lie upon the soil, pressing their paws against ancient stones, as if seeking solace and drawing strength from the very essence of Evalaw. As they traverse the dense foliage and primeval landscapes, vibrant flora and fauna awaken in their wake, paying homage to these divine beings of forgotten times. Their presence breathes life into the dormant wilderness, summoning ethereal melodies that echo through the dense canopies. When wounded, these majestic creatures draw upon the earth's vitality, siphoning minerals and nutrients from the ground to hasten the healing process, mending even the most grievous of injuries. This uncanny feat has birthed theories that the Golethra are intrinsically bound to earth magic, forging a profound connection with the primal forces that shape the land, and making them conduits of nature's resolute power.   In their role as guardians, the Golethra play a crucial part in maintaining the delicate balance of nature. Preventing the encroachment of destructive forces upon the ruins they inhabit, preserving the remnants of Evalaw's forgotten history. By upholding this balance, Golethra ensure that the land remains in harmony, preventing the corruption of forgotten powers that might lie dormant within the ruins.   Although Golethra primarily inhabit specific regions surrounding ruins, they are not bound by strict boundaries. These majestic creatures often engage in enigmatic wandering, roaming through vast wilderness areas. While Golethra primarily interact with creatures of their own kind, there have been rare instances of unique interspecies relationships. It is during these wanderings that they encounter other sentient beings, sometimes forming unexpected alliances or acting as guides to lost travellers. Their motivations for such interactions remain shrouded in mystery.


Many tribes inhabiting remote regions of Evalaw revear the Golethra as powerful spirits that protects animals and the jungle. Village elders, or champions embark ona perilous journeys in times of need to beseech the elemental guardians for their wisdom and advice.   Aelfier archaeologists have also found mention of the Golethra upon ancient tablets, in the runes and cryptic drawings left behind by the primordial giants. Many scholars have interpreted these findings to be the equivalent of the giants own myths and fables. According to one such interpretation, when Evalaw was still in its infancy, the primordial giants sought to create guardians imbued with the power of the earth. These guardian beasts were sculpted from clay and infused with the essence of Jhollrg, the deity of the earth. It is said that as the first light of the budding Archtrees touched their dormant forms, they awakened, taking their first breath imbuing the Golethra with their formidable strength and unwavering loyalty.   Darker tales suggest that during the conflict between Jhollrg and the fire god Infus the Golethra were not immune to Infus' corrupting influence. These legends speak of Golethra corrupted by the Infus' touch, their once noble purpose twisted into a relentless pursuit of destruction. These fallen Golethra, now known as the "Obsidian Defilers," are said to prowl the hidden recesses of Evalaw, their presence an omen of impending doom.


The Golethra are not truly creatures of flesh and bone but rather spirits of the earth given form.
  Often described as earth elementals, or terracotta guardians, the Gloethra resemble colossal sabertooth tigers, possessing an intimidating fusion of elegance and raw power in equal measure. Unlike their feline counterparts, Golethra boast six sturdy legs, providing them with unmatched stability and agility.   Emblazoned upon their terracotta-like hides are intricate motifs and patternings. These markings unique to each Golethra, seem to tell the stories of the long-lost civilizations that once thrived in Evalaw, or associated with forgotten magical practices. These patterns ripple with ethereal energy, creating an otherworldly aura that surrounds the Thulmorns wherever they tread.

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