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While the god of earth is rarely seen by the eyes of mortals, his influence can be felt in the ground beneath their feet. His wisdom and guidance have led to the creation of many mighty mountains and rocky formations across Evalaw.
Elemental God of Earth, father of stone and lord of the mountins.
  Jhollrg is the god of earth, father of stone and lord of the mountains and everything in-between. He is an ancient and overly proud being set in his ways. Many ancient myths and legends surrounding Jhollrg claim him to be the first of the gods, that the rock and stones of Evalaw existed long before the creator planted the first seed. This may or may not be true but one thing can be said for certain: he does take a rather dim view on anyone tampering with things they should leave alone. While Jhollrg is depicted by many cultures as a might warrior whom stands as a bulwark against the wanton ambition of the more belligerent deities. While Jhollrg might be stubborn and unyielding, in truth his only real interest is peace and harmony. Not wishing to cause ripples or disrupt the natural order, he is content with his lot and will only act directly if he deems it necessary. Protecting and guiding those whom he believes are worthy of it.  
Jhollrg numbers amongst the primordial elementals gods, along with Infủs, Hylress and Koeva. Like all such beings, their existence predates any written history known today so exact details remain sketchy at best. Perhaps most well-known for his colourful relationship with his sibling Infủs. The ceaseless conflicts and arguments between the two have become the subject of numerous tales and songs throughout history. It seems likely that this constant bickering has been responsible for much change across Evalaw, both good and bad. For example while the conflict between these siblings created new landmasses and islands which were later claimed by other elemental families; they also great catastrophes and gave rise to some powerful creatures who would go down in legend and folklore.   It also led to the creation of the vast labyrinths of caves and caverns beneath the world which would later house the various races who dwelled within them. In eons past Jhollrg would come to rule the underworld, however that crown has long since slipped from his grasp, finding himself in a strange position of powerlessness. Having lost control of the underground realms he was meant to protect and guide, instead finding his influence spread thin now reduced to a mere presence governing it's natural order of that realm.
Highly venerated amongst the Dwarin and the giants of old, having said to have appeared before them in times of great peril to lend his aid and guidance. Legends among the Dwarin tell how Jhollrg came to their ancestors in their darkest hour and led them away from the depths of Evalaw to settle amongst the roots of the mountain. In return, the Dwarins were forced to swear eternal allegiance to the mountains. To this day, dwarves still pay homage to Jhollrg by making offerings to him whenever they need to summon the blessings of his strength. In recent years, Jhollrg has grown somewhat distant and withdrawn, no longer wishing to be bothered by the affairs of others. He spends most of his time in the peaks of Evalaw mountains, where he has found peace and solitude. While he still takes an interest in the affairs of those who seek his blessing, he is not inclined to interfere with their affairs unless directly asked.   Worship of Jhollrg has diminished only found amongst rural communities in the mountains and plains of Evalaw, but more commonly among the Dwarin holds whom still hold the stone father in high regard. Most common forms of worship are small shrines and altars to the god, with offerings of stone or metal being the most common.
— Veteran Dwarin Miner
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Common Knowledge of Jhollrg.

Hhe earth father is known for many things among the common folk of Evalaw. Miners and prospectors often whisper a prayer to Jhollrg, claiming that it is he whom supplies the precious stones and minerals that could be found in caves and mines. More importantly, they also pray to Jhollrg for his mercy. Hoping that he will to prevent cave ins and keep their mineshafts strong.   Mountains are believed to be the result of the doomed romance between Jhollrg and the goddess of the skies, Hylress. When the world was young these two deities grew to love one another from afar. It is said that Jhollrg attempted to build upwards to reach his love, while time and time again he failed. Falling back down to the world below, and that the two would forever be divided.

Scholar Knowledge of Jhollrg.

Whilst considered to be a god of balance, Jhollrg is often seen as both good and evil. While many consider him to be the best guardian against chaos, others see him as the most likely source of it. His wrath can be mighty, the very ground itself shakes under his displeasure creating great earthquake and tremors when his mood darkens. Yet this is perhaps why he has been so successful at protecting his worshippers. The fear of his ire is enough to keep even the worst villains away from those who worship him. Though some have tried to test the limits of what Jhollrg deems acceptable and have found themselves suffering dire consequences. For all his wisdom and compassion though, there are times when Jhollrg's anger knows no bounds. In these rare occasions, he seems to become less concerned about his reputation than with seeing justice done. Even then, it is never without reason.

Apocryphal and Forbidden Knowledge of Jhollrg.


Children of Jhollrg.

Many of his children are the product of circumstance, the story of how Jhollrg lost his arm is perhaps one of the most well-known myths surrounding this. Hewen off by Infủs during their first major conflict, the tale tells of how the two brothers met each other in battle and fought for dominance over Evalaw's lands is said to be one of the earliest accounts of the first clash between the elements. It is said that when the fight was over, Jhollrg was left with only half of his arm and Infủs had slithered back into the depths of the world. Dwarin religious doctirine tends to state that this act was in fact a blessing. For as Jhollrg's arm fell deep down into the bowls of the world and would melt down into magma due to the the incredible heat that Infủs used to dismember a gods limb. It was here that the Magma would begin to form and shape of a new goddess, Reishala. Whom would later play a poengiant role in departing the knowledge of metalurgy to the smith god. There are other retellings of this story where Jhollrg's arm was severed not by Infủs, but by a jealous and embittered Hylress.


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I completely understand wanting peace and quiet. Though perhaps I'm a little biased considering I have almost no say in my destinations that result in adventures that were very much unsought. Guess that's the way of luck, keeping us from getting too comfortable by introducing novel challenges that are sometimes pleasurable, sometimes confusing, and sometimes absolutely horrific.   I wonder, if I start worshiping this guy would my days of chaotically traveling to many realms end? He seems to prefer stability being all about stone and mountains. It probably doesn't work that way, but can you blame one for hoping for an easy solution? Jhollrg seems like the kind of god that's all about the hard solutions... - Nemo, World Traveler

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