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Wayward Druid Respiren

Old and knotted as a tree, this aged oak knower and venerable story teller is versed in the magic of nature's secrets with an over fondness for mushrooms. Reclusive by nature. Nothing is truly known of his origins, save he has always felt the pull of wanderlust, leading his nomadic existence where he could nurture growth and explore the world. He himself recalls very little of his past besides the planting of forests and seeding of arboreal caves.   Upon his travels he has seen and achieved much, albeit it by complete happenstance. Unintentionally managing to found a Druid Circle on Ilaria, becoming a teacher and guide to many. How old Respiren is also shrouded in ambiguity, for even the wayward druid does not recall. Since he is so aged and bonded to nature, his appearance really reflects his lifestyle, gnarled and wizened like an ancient oak, some people have even claimed he gradually had been aging into an ent.   His long absence after the moot of Werenrood to discuss with the elders of the Sylvanian druid circles a seiries of vivid dreams Respiren had been receiving, led to him descended into the underworld in search of these visions. He would wander much of the Sunless Depths, recording much and seeing such places few would scarcely dream of. Eventually he would be captured by Dral'azie slavers and sold to the nobility of Menor'cress as a curiosity. He would remain there until the fall of the city, never to be heard from again.
He had a great fondness for all things mushroom-y, so much so that for as long as anyone can remember - the only thing Respiren has ever been known to eat is mushroom broth!
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